About Us

In 2017 we decided because of customer demand to supply Co2 Grandis ® (virtually Knott free). We assessed the durability, sustainability and cost to our customers of several timber timbers over a period of about 12 months and decided that Co2 Grandis ® (Imported) would be the best timber for us to supply. Please see our "About Co2 Grandis ® section" of this web site.

We take our responsibility to the environment and its sustainability seriously. We have a duty to produce products that has the smallest carbon footprint possible. We strive to look after our planet as best we can, we are constantly assessing our products, raw material and working practice in an effort to produce 0% carbon-not possible we know but it's better for us all to try.

We are in constant contact with forest owners, Architects and our valuable customers, this gives us the ability to realise and promote the relevant environmental issues relevant to sustainable timber. We can offer no obligation free quotes and samples.

We can deliver locally and nationally or you can collect your order direct from us.

Please contact us for prices, free samples or information.